If you receive this error:

Authentication failed: The input is not a valid Base-64 string as it contains a non-base64 character, more than two padding characters, or an illegal character among the padding characters. Shown as below

This happen to FraudFox 2.0 Beta 3 version, the hot fix as below:

  1. Make sure FraudFox is fully closed.
  2. Download the 7z archive in BETA3 VM: Click here to download
  3. Extract all files (password is hugochavez) from the 7z file to C:\FFox\Apps
  4. Make sure to overwrite all files. If you don't get any question about overwriting the files, you are doing something wrong.

During our tests, this fixed the issue, however we cannot simulate lagging or slow speed internet connection, so I would like to ask you to test this hotfix. If it works, we will update the BETA3 VM to include this fix.

[UPDATED 30th APR 2017] FraudFox v2.0 BETA 3 HOTFIX

  1. Download this update inside FFox VM
  2. Close all instances of FFox GUI if opened
  3. go to  C:\FFox\Apps and delete manually 
    1. FFox.ProxyServer.exe 
    2. FFox.GUI.exe,
  4. Finally, extract all the content from the update file to the Apps folder and replace all.